Thursday, July 30, 2009

Non updates

Just haven't been feeling like updating this in a while. That, and I was posting via my phone when taking the bus and just don't have the free time now that I avoid the bus. And the lack of commentors just all add to not updating this on the regular.

But, L's doing great. His vocabulary is expanding like crazy. Right now, it's so cute getting him to do animal sounds. He knows them all! "what does a cat say?" "meow meow", a dog? "woof", a frog? "ribbit" (super cute), a lion? "rawwwr", a sheep? "baaaaa" etc etc.

My new place is still coming along. I try and get a little progress made everyday, but have a couple big jobs like painting to get done.

New iPhone is sweet. Everything is much faster. I had no problem jailbreaking and got all my needed apps back. I've started playing around with Simplify Media and then going to get my account linked with done friends who use it too. It lets you access all your media on your home pc via the phone. You can also share your collection with 30 ppl and access their media too. Hello 100's of GB of music wherever I am.

Long weekend ahead, but only cause I took holidays. WorkIng on the Quebec side, we don't get the august holiday. Booo. But some big plans so I'm looking forward... Especially if I run into those from nfld again ;)

A friend is in town visiting with her new daughter and L & I had a little BBQ fun with them. At first L wanted nothing to do with them, trying to say "bye" to them when we first arrived, but after a short warm up period, L started to get comfy with them and had a ton of fun. It was really cool to see her and her daughter, and great she finally got to meet my little one.

So yeah, want more consistant updates? Leave comments!! Lol

-- Post From My iPhone