Monday, July 6, 2009

Stupid Rogers

Grrr, called to find out status on my 3GS only to be told it was delivered (to the old address) and they signed for it??!! Bah, so they have to get UPS to go claim it back, then forward to me. Good news though as it allowed for getting a month of bill credits for their screw up.

Other stupid Rogers mistakes ended up with no Internet at new place. I guess when I told them my new address the agent wasn't smart enough to actually order the relocation and just changed the address to bill. Boo, so no home Internet until Friday :/


wow, "ex" is just getting ridiculous. Wanting to send her bf to my parents house to pick up our son and not understanding why it's inappropriate. Threatening cops/custody and all kinds of shit. All for nothing. She said she had to work late and couldn't come pick him up. I told her that my parents and I were home and could watch him another day. This way she could continue working and L would be with family. Pretty reasonable I thought, and would help her out, but no, suggestion/offer didn't go over well (for no reason provided). And all the fighting/arguing all rendered moot as she came and picked him up anyways. Just another in the long, frustrating saga of trying to reason and provide the best care for our son.

On the other hand, he's doing awesome. My parents have this cool Nemo interactive book that L mastered with us. You turn to a page and touch a picture, then hunt for the actual item in the drawing. The book knows where you touch, and you get encouraging sounds when you locate the item sought. L was amazing at it, completely understanding all kinds of words and finding the right shapes/things it asked for. Things like "find the treasure chest" and L would touch it perfectly. Really cool.

I'll be moved in fully and get him back wednesday and can't wait to see his reaction to the new place. Loving it so far as I took long walks around the area this weekend.

Also got out yesterday to play a bit of tennis with a buddy. It's been a long time since I've picked up a racket and was happily suprised I could still play. My friend was still learning and I tried passing on some tips I remember learning in the various lessons/camps I went to growing up. Mainly though it was just fun being out and doing something active. It was also gorgeous out and perfect day to play. Looking forward to more games. (our lil game went 6-1, 6-2 I think).

Anyways, other than the drama, great weekend even tho I skipped on the cottage trip some buddies went on.

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