Friday, August 14, 2009

Pricing error madness

Don't know what's up this week with online stores, but it's been price error after price error. First, Dell's website was supposed to have 1 item (a laptop bag) on sale for $32 off. BUT Dell applied the discount pretty much site wide! I tried ordering a few things, and even though other people were successful, my order got cancelled :(

Next up was a US only deal, but was big enough to make news articles. This time BestBuy US has a 52" LCD for $9.99!!! This was an obvious error though, and BB cancelled the orders. (that tv retails for like $2000+)

Lastly, this morning was nutso! Futureshop mistakenly applied $150 off all orders! Again, I managed to order a few things, and thinking I was smart, chose in store pick up so I could get it today. But, FS fixed error and I got an email that the store couldn't supply my order :(. Others on the forum I found out about this were in the same boat, except a chunk of people who chose to have their orders shipped. Apparently those "shipping" orders are getting confirmed, though still possible they'll get cancelled.

Boo, I wanted free stuff :(

Sometimes these deals do work though (I've gotten $4 xbox 360 games, other free stuff, etc). So I definitely recommend daily reading of ; still great even without pricing errors.

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