Friday, October 30, 2009

Wheelin & Dealin

Again, Im horrible at updating this. Without a bus commute anymore, I have a hard time finding the time to write. And I don't miss the bus commute, so blog suffers.

Things have been pretty normal and not much to update on. At work, a co-worker is off on leave for a while, and Im taking over a bunch of her files. So I've been quite busy at work handling my workload and the
increase from hers. It's satisfying though when I pump out contracts and get buys done.

Halloween's a coming, and I have L again this year (yay). We're going to go out shopping after work and pick out a costume for him. Im hoping to bring him to the stores and have him choose his outfit. Then for Trick or Treatin, we're going to meet up with a friend and go out together. Should be fun this year as I think he was still a bit young to understand what was happening last year.

On other news, I posted my first 'hot deal' to This is a website I've watched constantly for the last few years. It's a site where people post deals (duh) on anything and everything. In the past, I've used the site for many big sales saving $1000's easily. Last week, I go the weekly flyers in the mail and looking at Best Buy's flyer, they had a new promo to trade in used games. You could trade 3 and get 1 new $70 game free or trade 4 and get 2! Games to trade in had to be worth more than $9 to BB. A good deal if you have older games lying around and want to exchange them. But what made this a hot deal was the fact that you could go around to other stores like Rogers, Blcokbuster, etc and find qualifying games for $5-$20. So say on the worst side you could only find $20 that worked, that means you'd spend $80 to get $140+ in new games (and best case being spend $20 for the same $140 in credit!). Other factors for this was BB was screwing things up so bad, some people were getting the games AND keeping the gift card that had the value of the traded-in games. Also, some people were able to excahnge the new games for full store credit, meaning you weren't limited to getting new games, you could get anything that Best Buy sells. 1 guy in the forum was able to rack up about $800 in store credit after spending only about $120! Best buy was slow to catch on, but by the 2nd week, they adjusted the trade in values so they weren't accepting so many easy to find cheap games.

Still, in just over a week, the forum I started has more than 2000 posts and over 140,000 views!

I had my car in recently for it's first service appointment and finally made arrangement to get the dealer to pay for window tinting. Car came back looking slick. Nice dark black tint on the black car looks great. Still have a few more cosmetic changes to do on the car, but Im really happy with how it's coming along. I still really want to get a new set of rims for the car, but I'll likely be delaying this for a while. Im thinking if I delay getting winter tires this season, then the cost savings could justify rims next year. That way, I'd use my current rims next winter for the winter tires, and keep my summer's on the new rims. Again, just a hope, reality will likely keep it a future purchase for
quite a while.

That's about it for now, no idea when I'll update again

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  1. Welcome back!

    Thanks for the update, but you know that really we just want to hear you kvetching about the ex...maybe it's just me, today I'm bitching about a lot of people, it would be good to know I'm not the only one....

  2. Hahahahhahaha! The previous post is too funny! How sad are people?! *Present person included* We aren't happy unless you have some scoop to give. Maybe its the whole supposed salacious nature of it all :) Yeah, I miss the ex updates too!

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