Monday, September 28, 2009

So I suck

At updates. Don't know why, but I just don't think to post here much. Lots of changes have been going on though.

Biggest change recently is my financial position. When ex and I split, we had our lawyers draw up a seperation agreement. Part of it detailed our debts and who would be responsible for them. Ex had 2 big debts to take on that were either under my name, or under both of us. Fastforward to august, I find out ex has declared bankruptcy!?! Never a heads up, no discussion about it, just creditors getting notice she won't be paying. Think I'm covered?? Nope! Our seperation agreement is between us, not the original creditors, so all that "her" debt falls back on me :(

How'd this happen? Ex had a good job...or at least I thought. That's the next big change, ex got let go from her job!!? Why? No clue. But 2 months before she goes on mat leave for kid #2, must have been pretty major.

So these debts are now my responsibility, without even a "sorry" from ex to me OR my parents (one of the creditors she had no problem screwing over). Nice slap in the face to those that supported.

L on the other hand has been doing amazing. He turned 2(!) and we had a flurry of kid parties over the last few weeks as a bunch of friends all have their kids' turning 2 this month. It's really cool to see him playing with other kids, his personality really shows through.

He's talking more & more, and is getting great at imitating me. It's hilariously cute when he laughs, then I laugh with a different sound, and he mimics it. So funny!

I finally managed to set up his room properly too. I hung some shelves, and stocked it up with his favorite toys. Now his room is a favorite hang out spot for him. And it helps keep the kid 'mess' isolated and easy to tidy up after.

That's about it I guess, hope to update a bit more frequently than I have lately

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  1. That sucks Shaun, I am curious as to why she got canned as well. She posted a long winded thing on her blog and then took it down right away. For her boss to can her knowing she was going on Mat leave in 2 months and her boyfriend has no money it spells certain doom for her. I hope Liam can find his way with his Dad at least.

  2. Glad you're back!

  3. I saw that bankrupt thing, what a piece of trash. Fuck her

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